Our Vision

Pr. Rev. David and his wife Sis.Rita Kala received a vision and arrived to Uthangarai. The Ministry was started in August 7th 2001 with Vision, Prayer and the Burden about the people. On 12th August 2001, a small service was conducted in Uthangarai in a tution center, opposite to Panchayat Office with two members.

The First Baptism

The first baptism was conducted on 15th September 2002, and five people were baptized.

A New Land

A new land was purchased on 3rd March 2004, in a year a worship center was built to pave the way to know the word of God.

Expanded the Gospel

New land was purchased for the development of the existing Church and the Church was expanded. There were new youths who were very active and worked hard towards the development of the Church. The church started different ministries in the town like,Children Ministries, Women Ministries,etc. Camps were conducted in different places. Many people received Holy Spirit's Baptism. The church conducted convention and retreats to spread the Word of God.

God Raised Support

With a very minimum finance, the Church worked towards the establishment of new Service Center. People contributed in their own ways. Some supported the church through prayers and funds while some dedicated their time for the construction of the new church. Some of the youth were a part of the construction in the initial stages.


On February 10th2017 The church became a part of the "Assemblies of God" Church Organization. The new Church was inaugurated in the presence of other regional pastors as well as several other servants of God. The church had 350 strong members. The church has welcomed 7 new pastors into their ministry. Several members of the church along with their families contributes through part-time ministry.